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Keeping SDSs up-to-date is a time-consuming task, not only the task of keeping information up-to-date but also staying informed and understanding the constantly changing regulations. Just when you finally have everything up-to-date, the regulations change again and all the hassle starts over... All that time, your focus is taken away from your core business, and then there are still customers complaining about SDSs.

We offer the tools (outsourcing, software & advice) to get that time and focus back. Get back to working on your core business and leave the hassle to us.
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De VIB Fabriek

Customer reviews

"The solution of the SDS factory / de ViB fabriek in cooperation with PIKA:the chemical safety app offers the latest up-to-date information in a predefined format and that contributes to the ease of understanding of the data.
Using the PIKA-app enables our team to have the access to this data via an intuitively designed app whenever, wherever.”
Mark Boumans
QHSSE System manager, SHELL Aircraft LTD
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“Reaxis B.V. had decided to work together with the ViB fabriek / the SDS factory in order to have the VIB Fabriek prepare and maintain the SDS’s of our products. We recognized the need for accurate SDS’s and also we were aware that we did not have the in-depth knowledge of this subject to do this ourselves.”
Mark Smit
Technical Sales & development Manager Europe, Reaxis B.V
"Wij zijn erg tevreden met de diensten die door de VIB fabriek worden geleverd. Het afgelopen jaar zijn er door de VIB fabriek verschillende trainingen verzorgd. In eerste instantie was er vraag naar een algemene uitleg over verschillende gevaarlijke stoffen regelgevingen en de samenhang tussen deze regelgevingen, later was een training met meer diepgang nodig."
Angelique van Rijn
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"Vanaf begin 2018 zijn we samen gaan werken met de VIB fabriek met een project waarbij een groot aantal VIB’s aangepast moest worden. Dit heeft de VIB fabriek snel en goed opgepakt. Ze werken professioneel, luisteren goed naar onze wensen en spelen daar op in. De samenwerking verliep goed, wij zijn tevreden. Wij wilden onze VIB’s naar een hoger niveau brengen en samen met de VIB fabriek is dat gelukt!”
Ingrid van den Muijsenberg
Benckmar B.V.
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De VIB Fabriek


Creating a Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) and submitting a Poison Center Notification (PCN) dossier can be a challenging task. The rules regarding UFI/PCN are not always clear and often require interpretation. Who is responsible for the notification? Which countries charge additional fees for the notification? And which countries have additional requirements in addition to UFI/PCN? Another dilemma is whether to use the UFI of your supplier or to create your own UFI.

Our specialists understand the regulations and can help guide you through the process.
Learn more about UFI and PCN.

Introducing our SDS platform, PIKA

Keeping track of and updating safety information throughout the entire organization has never been easier. Say goodbye to the paper-based Workplace Instruction Card (WIC), with e-WIC, safety is available to everyone, everywhere!
All SDSs and safety information in one place
Always up-to-date, anytime, anywhere
The PIKA platform enables easy customer communication for updates
The e-WIC provides the information when you need it
More about PIKA
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