Situational Overview

SPAN Groothandel is a wholesale supplier for the agricultural trade. For over 50 years, we have been well-informed about the trends and developments in the agricultural sector. The increasingly stringent regulations concerning hazard information have awakened our customers to the importance of providing accurate hazard information for a product. In addition to a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), according to CLP Article 48 legislation, it is mandatory for us to offer consumers the opportunity to assess the hazards of a dangerous substance or mixture before completing the purchase, and based on that, decide whether to buy the product.

There is no reason not to recommend PIKA.
Daniel Span
Director Span Groothandel

The urgency from legislation is only increasing.

The urgency from legislation is only increasing, yet the necessity is still not fully recognized. In addition to the fact that there is increasing scrutiny and the risk of significant penalties, we also want to comply with the law and provide our customers with all the mandatory information.

PIKA is the ultimate solution for webshop owners.

With the PIKA platform, we can share safety-relevant product information through webshop integration. This allows us to easily comply with the legislation that requires us to share (hazard) information with our customers. Through this PIKA integration, we can instantly inform our customers about the latest updates and hazard information with just one click.

  • Website plugin
  • Quick implementation
  • Always up-to-date information

We fully comply with European regulations.

The PIKA platform provides true added value. The platform allows us to easily share the hazard information of our products with our customers on the platform. Our customers can then utilize the webshop plugin for their own online stores. Our decision to choose PIKA also gives our customers the opportunity to use PIKA and easily comply with the legislation themselves.

  • Fast-acting app
  • User-friendly interface
  • Up-to-date information