Digital workplace instruction card

" Our colleagues on the work floor were not always up-to-date with hazard information. That didn't sit well with us... " (WML)

The PIKA platform 

The PIKA platform shows me as a user all the relevant product information on a product information card / workplace instruction card.

Now I can work safely with our chemicals and I can pull up the latest product information at any time.

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    Safety information always at hand with PIKA.

    Keeping track of and updating safety information throughout the entire organization has never been easier. With a digital PIKA, safety is available to everyone, everywhere.

    • Always have the necessary information at hand
    • Always stay up-to-date with the latest information
    • Everything is digital

    PIKA is a digital platform for workplace instruction cards. In addition, it is a platform for sharing safety data sheets and a plug-in for webshops to comply with European legislation requirements. Curious about PIKA?

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    Other users about PIKA

    " Our team is always up to date with information on hazards.
    And it doesn’t take up any more time "


    "Thanks to the PIKA app, I’ve always got all the information I need at hand"

    PIKA has information on all the products we use on the shop floor. I can look up what the possible dangers of using the product are, so my colleagues and I can work safely.

    pika platform

    "The information I have is always up to date" 

    I get a push notification whenever a change happens, so I know that I’ve got the latest information.

    pike - digitale app

    "I don’t have to carry documents around anymore - everything has gone digital!"

    I don’t have to search through files and folders anymore. All I need to do is open up PIKA and I’ve got my workplace instruction card to hand. If I need to find specific information, I can also look directly at the safety data sheet.

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