The requirements for a Poison Centre Notification, or PCN, have been changed. Due to new legislation, a PCN nowadays requires more information when being submitted to the Poison Centres. PCNs are all about the notification of hazardous mixtures. We are happy to give you more information about the PCN, so that you know what to expect. Do you have any questions or are you looking for more information? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are ready to assist you!

PCN Notification

When you want to notify a product, which you can do through the online PCN portal, you need to provide various data. These data include information on the composition of the product, but also information on the UFI, physical properties and packaging of the product, for example.

Duty Holders

A common term in this topic is a Duty Holder. We would therefore like to explain this term to you.  A Duty Holder is the one who is responsible for the PCN submission of a certain product. Tasks concerning a Poison Center submission may be delegated, but please note that a Duty Holder will always be held responsible for the submission of a PCN verification. Legally, there is always only one Duty Holder.

Legal obligation Poison Centre Notification

The central PCN portal is the platform for submitting notifications. Here, all hazardous mixtures that are marketed in the EU can be notified. It is also possible to voluntarily notify non-hazardous mixtures.

The format of the PCN is the same in all countries of the European Union, but countries individually have the right to ask for additions to this format. We can imagine that the legislation and regulations concerning Poison Center Notifications can be somewhat complicated to understand. Especially with all the changes that have been made, it can be difficult to have a clear overview. That is why we have listed some important questions and answers. This way you can check what the amended laws and regulations for Poison Center Notifications mean for your company. Would you like more information? Feel free to contact us.

What data is required in the new format to complete a PCN notification?

Various data are required to complete a PCN notification, namely the general company details, the type of the product, trade name of the product, type of packaging, physical and chemical information on the product, the complete composition of the product, the UFI number, the EuPCS code, the classification and section 11 from the ViB of the product. Providing all this information can already be an administrative burden, but most work is in keeping track of the UFIs and formulation numbers. We at SDS factory are happy to assist you with this.

When should a product be re-notified and when is an update of the existing PCN sufficient?

A product must be re-notified if the composition of the product changes. This can be the case when one or more ingredients are added, omitted or modified. As soon as a product is re-notified, a new UFI needs to be created as well.  The UFI code is a unique alphanumeric code that belongs to the composition of a hazardous mixture. This information on the label makes it possible to quickly identify the mixture. If anything changes in other data, such as information on the packaging or the supplier’s data, then an update of the previous notification is sufficient. If anything changes in other data, such as information on the packaging or the supplier’s data, then an update of the previous notification is sufficient.

Is it possible for a PCN to expire?

A PCN registration never expires. A PCN registration does not expire, because most products are still used a long time after they were purchased, so calamities with this product can keep occurring. Therefore, it always remains important to keep providing the correct information on products, even if they are no longer actively sold. In the PCN format, there is also an option to indicate that a product is no longer sold in a country.

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