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" Our customers are not always up-to-date with hazard information... "

The PIKA platform 

The PIKA platform offers suppliers a host of possibilities for sharing product safety information – in the form of a product information card / workplace instruction card or by downloading the safety data sheet.

The PIKA platform offers the ability to share product safety information from your own PIKA database with other PIKA accounts outside your company.

Send product updates to customers, partners, sister companies, and subcontractors at the touch of a button.

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    Safety information always at hand with PIKA.

    Keeping track of and updating safety information throughout the entire organization has never been easier. With a digital PIKA, safety is available to everyone, everywhere.

    • Always have the necessary information at hand
    • Always stay up-to-date with the latest information
    • Everything is digital

    PIKA is a digital platform for workplace instruction cards. In addition, it is a platform for sharing safety data sheets and a plug-in for webshops to comply with European legislation requirements. Curious about PIKA?

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    " It’s so important for our customers to always have the right information available. "


    "Thanks to the PIKA platform, all my customers have the right information available" 

    With the PIKA platform, I can send all my customers the right information at the touch of a button, thereby meeting my regulatory obligations. My customers’ employees always have the latest information at their disposal, and I don’t need to think about it anymore.

    pika platform

    "Customers no longer have to worry; everything is always up to date" 

    If we as a supplier make a change in PIKA, our customers will receive a push notification and see what has changed straight away. So, all our customers are aware of the changes as soon as they happen.

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    "It saves time and money, and makes for satisfied customers" 

    In providing this to our customers, we are looking out for them while bringing added value to our service. And as a bonus, it saves us money and time as a supplier. It’s a win-win!

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