The SDS factory has a very diverse client group, from large multinationals to the smaller SMEs. Because we work under non-disclosure agreements, we cannot mention all of our clients.


“We are very satisfied with the services provided by de ViB fabriek (the SDS factory). Over the past year, de ViB fabriek (the SDS factory) has provided various training courses. At first there was a demand for a general explanation of various hazardous substances regulations and the relationship between these regulations, but later on more in-depth training was needed.”

“The content of both training courses was drawn up in close consultation and then passed on to the parties involved in a very competent and pleasant manner.
In addition, we have had the positive experience for a number of years that questions are always answered quickly and that the translation of legislation into daily practice is explained in an easy-to-understand way. Therefore, if necessary, we will continue to use de ViB fabriek (the SDS factory) in the future.”

Angelique van Rijn


Mark Boumans
QHSSE System manager, SHELL Aircraft LTD


“Safety data sheets are important in helping us to make the workplace safe and to protect the environment.
Direct access to the latest accurate and understandable SDS sheets is key to identify the hazards of the chemicals used on the shopfloor.”

“The solution of de ViB fabriek (the SDS factory) in cooperation with PIKA – the chemical safety app – offers the latest up-to-date information in a predefined format and that contributes to the ease of understanding of the data. Using the PIKA app enables our team to have the access to this data via an intuitively designed app whenever, wherever.”

“Converting our database to the PIKA app has showed that de ViB fabriek (the SDS factory) team is very customer-focused and quality-driven, therefore we (Shell Aircraft limited) highly recommend de ViB fabriek (the SDS factory) as a company and the PIKA-app as product in case future customers are in need of an SDS.”

“Reaxis B.V. had decided to work together with de ViB fabriek (the SDS factory) in order to have de ViB Fabriek (the SDS factory) prepare and maintain the SDSs of our products. We recognized the need for accurate SDSs and we were also aware that we did not have the in-depth knowledge of this subject to do this ourselves.”

“This cooperation proved to be very satisfactory for Reaxis B.V. Ivo and his team do have the required know-how of creating accurate SDSs. Moreover, the response of de ViB fabriek (the SDS factory) is always fast and precise. Simply put, the subject of SDSs is now not a subject anymore!”

Mark Smit
Technical Sales & development Manager Europe, Reaxis B.V