Registrations in the Danish National Database

Renee van der Weij - 24 May 2024 -

If you place products on the Danish market, the Danish importer may require the product to be registered in the national database. How does this process work, what does it cost, and who is obligated to carry out this registration? We will briefly explain this below.

Which products need to be registered?

All hazardous chemical products that are produced, imported, or repackaged in Denmark in quantities greater than 100 kg per year must be registered in the Danish Product Register. For single substances between 100 kg and 1000 kg per year, which do not need to be registered through REACH, registration is also required. In summary, the following substances and mixtures must be registered:

Because EU and national legislation apply simultaneously, a hazardous mixture must be registered both through the PCN portal of ECHA and the national database in Denmark. Once a product is registered, it receives a 'Product Registration number (PR no.)'. This must be indicated on the packaging in Denmark.

Who must register the products?

The Danish producer or importer who produces or imports more than 100 kg per year of a hazardous substance or mixture must register it in the national database. The full composition must be entered during registration. This means that a Danish importer will request the composition from the non-Danish producer to comply with Danish legislation.

Fortunately, there is an option for a non-Danish producer to register a product. When registering, it must be indicated who the Danish importer is. The importer can accept the product after the non-Danish supplier registers it, thereby complying with legal requirements. This method allows the composition of the mixture to be protected.

Additional costs for product registration

As far as we know, there are no additional costs for registering products in the Danish Product Register.

How can the SDS factory be of service?

Of course, we can prepare a Safety Data Sheet according to the latest REACH standards and Danish legislation. Furthermore, we can carry out the registration to the PCN portal and assist in registering products in the Danish Product Register for non-Danish producers.

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Source: as of 26-5-2024.