MSDS – SDS – safety datasheet


CHEMDOX is classification and documentation software that complies with legal guidelines based on current chemicals and transport laws.

This comprehensive and always updated substances database offers you:

  • Simple creation of your own products
  • Quick search of CLP data, GHS classification, national laws, and EU directives and laws
  • Drawing up of safety data sheets, exposure scenarios, labels, or workplace instruction sheets for international use
  • 100% traceability of your generated documents

Do you also want these automated processes to increase your efficiency and at the same time increase quality and security? Then request a demo version.

1. CHEMDOX: the substance database

This database contains information about substances. It is also possible to make your own substances.

  • Information about substances: information is available about CLP (EC GHS), DSD, ADR/RID/ADN, DOT, IMDG, ICAO, UN RTDG. It is also possible to store information on related physical, chemical, and toxicological and ecotoxicological properties, and on limit values.
  • Create your own substances: CHEMDOX supports the creation of your own products. It is possible to add properties to meet small and complex requirements.
  • Research on substances and own-made substances: the search function of this software ensures that you have access to all the information in the system. Performing a search is quick and easy.

2. Rules-based classification

Automatically determine the hazardous properties of products based on rules or your own classification. This is available for the following processes:

  • Laws regarding chemistry, GHS classification in accordance with DPD and OSHA
  • Transport laws, classification focusing on transport, ADR, RID, ADN, DOT ICAO, IMDG, and UN RTDG.
  • Specific national laws and regulations on limited exposure to chemicals, water laws, technical information for storage, and list of wastes

3. Automatically generating documents

Easily draw up safety information sheets, exposure scenarios, labels, workplace instructions, and hazardous substances inventories. Simple to use and appropriate for international use.

4. Administration of new documents

CHEMDOX documents all changes to modified documents. Information about who has changed what is stored in the system in chronological order. Automated processes increase efficiency, quality and correctness.