UFI, PCN and Duty Holders


Since January 2021 all new hazardous mixtures must be labelled with an additional code: the UFI-code. Before January 2025, all hazardous mixture labels must contain a UFI-code. 

UFI stands for Unique Formula Identifier. It is an alphanumeric code consisting of 16 characters with an internal encryption. 

The UFI-code ensures quick identification of the mixture in case of emergency. This leads to a quick and efficient response to provide help and limit the effects of a calamity. 


The PCN portal:  central registrationwith the PoisonCenters 

Nowadays the EU Poison Centers have one central portal to notify products. Through this portal products can be notified in all the required countries at once. The format and requested information is the same for all countries. 

A notification through the portal requires information about the composition of the product, and also about the physical properties and the packaging. 

Besides the UFI-code, the product must be provided with a EuPCS-code. 

EuPCS stands for European Product Categorisation System. Using this system, products are provided with a code specifying their main intended use. 

DUTY HOLDERS:Who is responsible 

The entity that brings a product to the market or makes it available to others in another way, is also responsible for providing a UFI-code and for the Poison Center notification (PCN). 

But what about entities that produce on behalf of others, private label products or products that require import/export? 

For basic information you can download our factsheet about this suject. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to discuss your specific situation, provide help if needed and find the best possible solution for you. 


Does your company import non-EU products to the EU? Or are you a non-EU based entity and you want to bring products to the EU market? 

In these cases the non-EU supplier is asked to provide a voluntary Poison Center notification for the EU. This ensures secrecy about the composition towards the EU customers, and still ensures access to detailed information for the Poison Centers in case of emergencies. 

If you are a non-EU based entity and need help with a voluntary Poison Center notification in the EU, we can arrange this verification on your behalf. Please do not hesitate to contact our experts for more information.