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" Since we use PIKA, our webshop products have the necessary legal information and it doesn't cost us any extra work or time! "

The PIKA platform 

As a web shop owner, the PIKA platform offers you a range of features. Integrating PIKA in your website means you can display product safety data, making it easy to comply with the laws that require you to share information on hazards.

With PIKA, you can send product updates to your own customers, partners, sister companies, and subcontractors at the touch of a button.

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    Safety information always at hand with PIKA.

    Keeping track of and updating safety information throughout the entire organization has never been easier. With a digital PIKA, safety is available to everyone, everywhere.

    • Always have the necessary information at hand
    • Always stay up-to-date with the latest information
    • Everything is digital

    PIKA is a digital platform for workplace instruction cards. In addition, it is a platform for sharing safety data sheets and a plug-in for webshops to comply with European legislation requirements. Curious about PIKA?

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    "All my web shop products are provided with all the legally required information at the touch of a button"


    "Thanks to the PIKA platform, you can easily display all the necessary safety information across your entire webshop" 

    Als webshop houder moet ik de gevaren van de aangeboden producten goed zichtbaar maken op mijn webshop. Met de PIKA integratie in mijn webshop gaat dit heel eenvoudig en hoef ik niet telkens de webshop zelf aan te passen bij wijzigingen.

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    "I provide all the latest safety information to my online customers for each product" 

    As a web shop operator, I’m obligated to share information about the potential dangers of the product sold. Now I can do this by sharing the safety data sheet through PIKA, and it is automatically updated on the web shop

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    "It saves time and money, and I’m fully compliant with the legislation" 

    When we launch a new product on the web shop, all we need to do is send the safety data sheet to PIKA, and once linked to our website, all the mandatory information is displayed immediately. The same goes for updates; we don’t need to keep changing the website anymore, and we’re still compliant with the legal requirements.

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