Situational Overview

PlantoSys is a company that develops plant-enhancing fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture. These substances are used to strengthen the plant's immune system, enabling them to ward off infections from fungi or bacteria more effectively. "During the production of these fertilizers, we frequently deal with safety data sheets. We utilize salicylic acid in combination with colloidal silver, micro-copper, micro-manganese, and micro-zinc. It is crucial that the information regarding these substances is always accurate."

The SDS Factory works efficiently, without unnecessary processes.
Alwin Scholten

"In the beginning, I was dealing with safety data sheets myself, but I must admit that I was struggling a bit. I don't have the appropriate background to handle everything myself, as my chemistry knowledge is limited, and there are extensive regulations involved. Through one of our representatives, I was introduced to the ViB Factory. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure that everything is in order."

"The communication with the SDS Factory is excellent. They always keep us informed and provide tips whenever there are any changes. They are closely monitoring the evolving laws and regulations. Earlier this year, for example, the European Union decided to assign a new classification to the substance manganese. This meant that the safety data sheet had to be updated accordingly. The SDS Factory promptly notified us of this change. They clearly indicated that it applied to our company as well and assisted us in implementing this modification. We also occasionally participate in webinars or seminars to enhance our knowledge regarding safety data sheets."

“We use the safety data sheets externally, because we send them to our suppliers. They must and want to have those magazines at hand at all times. For example, because they want to apply for registration for our products in a specific country. With the professional approach of SDS Factory there is continuous supervision of the content of the sheets. They are working on it 24/7 and that means safety is always in order.”