Situational Overview

"VeroMetal is the manufacturer of VeroMetal, a cold liquid metal that can be applied to nearly any surface and design using a standard wet painting process (spraying), spatula, or rolling. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our product is not just a metal-like finish; it is actual metal, such as bronze, copper, zinc, iron, and more. With our product, one can push the boundaries when it comes to metal designs. We receive a lot of interest and inquiries about our products and their possibilities from various professionals, including (interior) architects, (furniture) designers, yacht builders, artists, and other companies involved in development and design.

We have been active for over 10 years and believed that we had everything well-regulated because safety is always our top priority. However, this assumption turned out to be incorrect. With our international growth, we have been facing increased scrutiny from regulatory authorities. It was then revealed that not all employees were taking safety as seriously as they should. To our great shock, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that not all safety data sheets were accurate."

The SDS Factory truly takes care of us.
Robert Beckers

"Of course, we immediately implemented internal measures and even had to part ways with the responsible individual. However, we needed to find a long-term solution. On one hand, we needed assistance with organizing and drafting safety data sheets. On the other hand, we required management to prevent the outdatedness of these data sheets. The most important thing for us was to have all the sheets thoroughly checked and delivered in multiple languages. The ViB Factory was able to provide this for us!

During our search for an external partner, we spoke with several companies. We chose the ViB Factory due to their Limburg background. We speak the same language, both literally and figuratively. Additionally, we were attracted to their unique subscription model. Regulatory changes occur regularly, and with our subscription, we never have to doubt whether our safety data sheets are up-to-date. If we have a new requirement, it is promptly added to the subscription without the need for a new quotation."

"It's reassuring to collaborate with a partner who takes the initiative themselves. They recently introduced the PIKA app, which has been a tremendous addition. With this app, we have 24/7 access to all the safety data sheets in the correct versions. For instance, if I'm on a call with a customer from China and I need a data sheet in Chinese, I can find it in the app. If a sheet is not yet available, ViB ensures that it is added to the app within a few days.

The communication is very approachable, and due to their swift actions, it doesn't consume much time. The ViB Factory has never disappointed me. They provide immediate answers to almost all queries, and if not, they promptly investigate and find the information for me. In the past, we spent a lot of time setting up all the information and regulations. Now that we collaborate with the ViB Factory, we can fully focus on our products while they handle everything around it."

"When a customer makes a purchase from us, they should be able to trust that we are knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of the product. It is crucial that our customers receive accurate information. This way, they know exactly how to handle a product and what safety precautions to take when working with it. The ViB Factory assists us in achieving this goal."