Situational Overview

"Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (WML) is a drinking water supplier for over 500,000 households and 14,000 businesses in Limburg. Working with water is generally safe, but WML goes the extra mile! Therefore, we frequently encounter hazardous substances, such as when cleaning water softeners, gluing pipes, using mini excavators running on diesel, or operating brush cutters running on gasoline.

Previously, information about working with these hazardous substances was provided on a paper card, along with the safety data sheet and corresponding workplace instruction card. However, relying on static information on paper posed obstacles. Sheets were not always up to date, information was difficult to find due to the extensive amount of text, and the sheets were not always readily accessible."

"The goal is for every WML employee to return home safe and sound."
Rachelle Philippen
Medewerker Kwaliteit, Arbo & Milieu

"The KAM (Quality, Health, and Environment) Team strives for the most practical translation of working conditions within the organization. This includes easy access to product safety information. Therefore, we searched for innovative solutions in the market and came across The SDS factory and their PIKA app. This app allows employees to have the right product safety information at their fingertips at all times. It is user-friendly, information is easily accessible from anywhere, and finding information is quicker. This is truly a solution for us, especially now that everyone has a company smartphone with sufficient internet coverage."

"The information regarding working with hazardous substances must always be up-to-date. With the help of the PIKA app, that is now the case. The SDS factory ensures that all substances used by WML are constantly available in the app. When implementing this 'new' approach, we received a lot of guidance. No question was too much for them."

"Safety is a top priority for us, as everything we do is assessed against this criterion. Our core values are craftsmanship and passion, but above all, reliability. We pay attention to the risks associated with our work for both people and the environment. The implementation of the PIKA app contributes to this goal. With this addition, employees always have product safety information at hand, improving the conditions in the workplace. Employees are now truly aware of risks and work in the safest possible manner."