Safety data sheet registered professional.

Renee van der Weij - 17 April 2023 -

Since February 15th, we can proudly announce that Renee has registered with the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) as a "Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional," becoming the first resident of the European Union to do so. What does this mean?

By passing the AIHA exam and completing the associated course, a candidate demonstrates their knowledge and skills in a wide range of topics that are important for the preparation of SDSs and labels based on the GHS. During the exam, general concepts such as hazard communication, global GHS implementation, industrial hygiene, risk management, mathematics, chemistry, and the structure of the Global Harmonized System were tested.

In addition to these general concepts, several case studies were also covered in which a single substance and a mixture had to be classified and an SDS had to be prepared.

Through Renee's completion of the Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional course and exam, we have expanded our knowledge of GHS implementations worldwide, in addition to our specialized knowledge of the European implementation of GHS (CLP). Since AIHA is a North American organization, emphasis was also placed on the implementation of GHS in the United States and Canada.