Country Profile - Belgium

Renee van der Weij - 10 June 2024 - /


  • A hazardous chemical product must be notified via the PCN portal.
  • In addition, a fee must be paid for registering products.
  • When notifying a product via the PCN portal, an Excel file must be completed in which registration and payment can be linked.
  • No invoice will be sent from the ‘FOD Volksgezondheid’.
  • Further details:
    • Payment must be made no later than 48 hours before a dangerous mixture is placed on the Belgian market.
    • A PCN is not valid without payment to the Belgian authorities.

Poison Centre

  • The telephone number of the poison control centre may be omitted on the label and the SDS after the PCN is finalized and payment has been made.
  • Source (accessed at 10-4-2024)

National product register

  • There is no (additional) national product register.