Country Profile - Germany

Renee van der Weij - 12 April 2024 -


Poison Centre

  • The safety data as entered into the PCN portal is shared with the national poison center of Germany (BfR).
  • It is not allowed to mention the telephone number of the BfR the SDS or the label.
  • It is not allowed to mention the generic EU emergency phone number (112) on the SDS or label.
  • The SDS has to contain a telephone number on which adequate medical advice about the chemical product can be obtained in German.
    • Several commercial poison centers provide this service. It is, however, at a cost.
    • It could also be different telephone numbers than the ones from the German poison centers, however they have to fulfill the conditions mentioned above.
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National product register

  • There is no (additional) national product register.


  • Detergents must be registered with the PCN portal regardless of their classification, which means that an SDS is also mandatory for non-hazardous detergents.
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