PCN verification

It is not easy to create a PCN verification for various countries in Europe. Europe seems like an organised bunch of countries where complying with regulations should not be a big hassle. In reality it somewhat different as not all countries are part of the EU or EEA. This results in different procedures throughout the European countries. Where the recent BREXIT has led to a totally different way of poison centre notification in Great Britain in comparison to the EU & EAA countries. Also the ever neutral country of Switzerland has a different way of dealing with poison centre notifications. So, when you are in need of a PCN verification for several countries when you have your work cut out for you. We at the SDS Factory can make the process a little easier for you. 

Why a PCN verification? 

Because of the stricter CLP regulation, all companies that import and/or market mixtures with dangerous substances are obliged to provide information about these mixtures. The people responsible for this are called duty holders. They are the ones who have to provide the correct information about the product to the poison centre. The aim is to establish preventive and curative measures in case of a health emergency. So in order to obtain a PCN verification, your company is required to provide the correct information about the product. This needs to be done to ensure safety of users and others. A very important and actually indispensable part of the information that needs to be provided is the UFI number, which we would like to tell you more about. 

The importance of the Unique Formula Identifier code 

The Unique Formula Identifier code, also known as the UFI code, is extremely important for obtaining PCN verification. Poison control centres and similar bodies have experienced difficulties in the past in correctly identifying the hazardous substances of a product (in the event of accidental exposure). In order to simplify the process, a unique alphanumeric code has been introduced that must be printed or applied to the label of the product. This UFI code is used as a tool to identify a specific mixture. 

An important rule in the use of UFI codes is that all products labeled with the same UFI code must have the same composition. However, it is possible that different UFI codes are used for the same mixture. In all cases, the most important aspect is that one UFI-code can only be used for one formulation. In case of formulation changes the UFI code also needs to change. Identifying the formulation is the main function of the UFI-code. This function can only be used when the UFI code and the formulation have been combined in the PCN verification. It is only after the PCN verification has been done that the poison centers are able to find the information connected to the UFI format.

The SDS Factory helps you to get the correct PCN verification 

The application of a PCN verification can be an administrative nightmare for many organisations. Due to the new portal following stricter laws and regulations, you have to provide much more information about products than before. Take for example the tracking of UFI codes and formulation numbers. Let alone all the other information that needs to be provided to create the PCN verification. In addition, countries regularly request additional information on the format in the portal. So, in short, getting a PCN verification is not an easy task. That is exactly why we are here to help you. At the SDS Factory, our aim is to improve the safety of working with hazardous substances. That’s why we want to help and advise you with regard to the application and obtaining of a PCN verification.

Would you like more information about this or are you interested in our safety data sheets? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you.